The Education Service Platform

— Built on Three Pillars to Make a Change!

Who are we?

HeartFire Education Service Limited (HeartFire) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving education, alleviating poverty and stimulating social inclusion through inspiring sharing and culture exchange. We believe that, in order to create a change in the world, we need to bring changes to kids and teenagers, through experiential learning and inspiration.

Since the first service trip in 2009, 24 service trips have been organised to 22 schools in nine provinces of the Mainland China and Taiwan district, and 300+ service trip members and 20,000+ students have been inspired. This is just the start. We are still learning on the way, and your support is critical for us to make a even bigger impact. YOUR PASSION IS NEEDED!

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Impact Report 2009-14

Click to download our impact report 2009-14 (14MB)